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Serving southern California for over a decade with immaculate dental work in Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign and all other facets of dentistry, Dr. Hooman Hakimi, a Bellflower Dentist of Smile Center Dental offers a trained, gentle touch acquired by years of experience. A UCLA graduate and member of the California Dental Association among several other prestigious associations, Dr. Hakimi has established himself as the best dentist in Bellflower through his work. So whether in need of a dentist in zip 90706 to fill, brace, clean, or perform any other procedure, clients can rest assured that their teeth will be handled by an experienced and professional Bellflower dentist.

Because of his extensive certification and ability, Dr. Hooman Hakimi is able to provide a fully comprehensive list of procedures including periodontics, Invasalign braces, oral protection and prevention, surgery, and many more. Periodontics is the term for any number of treatments aimed to clean and treat the gums as an effective deterrent to disease and other gum-related complications.

Also offered by this dentist in 90706 are a number of restorative procedures used to repair damaged or lost teeth or implants. This includes crown and bridgework, denture work, and tooth colored restorations.

An established dentist in Bellflower when it comes to the ever-popular Invisalign braces, Dr. Hakimi specializes in providing teens and adults alike the benefits of Invisalign. This discrete system enables patients to straighten their teeth without compromising appearance. Unlike standard braces, Invisalign braces are removable, allowing for easy brushing and flossing.

Often times, various injuries to the mouth or natural growth of the teeth elicit the need for surgical extraction. This greatly alleviates pain and discomfort caused by building pressure in the mouth and jaw. Dr. Hakimi is an extremely capable dentist in Bellflower with the faculties to conduct this procedure.

Another invaluable service offered by this Bellflower dentist is TMJ or temporal mandibular joint syndrome treatment. Often caused by excessive chewing, biting, or talking, TMJ patients need preventive guards to keep the jaw from biting down involuntarily during sleep or rigorous activity. These guards can either prevent or supplement surgical correction.

From routine visits to root canals, Smile Center Dental offers a completely comprehensive spectrum of treatments for patients. They are always happy to speak with prospective clients over the phone to answer any questions. Anyone in need of a dentist in Bellflower, CA 90706 dentist is a quick appointment away from effective, gentle, and affordable dental care.

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